Historic Driving ToursGuided tours by knowledgeable docents

Our Guided Driving Tour is one of the most requested and interesting time that any guest of Gonzales has spent.  Our tour guides, Leon Netardus and Paul Frenzel, have dedicated over twenty years to sharing the greatness that Gonzales has to offer.

From the second you are introduced to our tour guides, the passion they have for Gonzales as well as Texas History shines through even on the rainiest days. Enjoy taking advantage of their knowledge and experience during their informational guide through over 180 years of history in our wonderful town.

Our guides are very proud to call Gonzales home and are eager to share it with anyone who visits Gonzales. We hope you can join Leon or Paul during your visit to Gonzales.

Contact the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce to set up your tour today!

Set up your adventure by calling toll free 888-672-1095 or email us at admin@gonzalestexas.com. Tours last from half an hour to an hour.

*Group tours are available upon request