Online Historic Tour of Gonzales

Welcome to Gonzales, Texas!Birthplace of Texas Independence and home of the Come & Take It Cannon!

Gonzales’ history represents the pride of a people who fought for Texas liberty and independence. No place is this more evident than in the architecture of the homes, churches and commercial buildings that the people of Gonzales built to make their town a home.

In 1825, Green DeWitt established a colony near the confluence of the Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers. The town has two plazas, Confederate Square and Texas Heroes Square, with long boulevards running north and south, east and west in the shape of a Spanish cross. All property within the squares and boulevards was designated as public lands and parks and many of the settlers built their homes and churches around these public spaces. This is the only town in Texas which still uses the plan as surveyed by the Mexican government in 1832.

You are able to zoom in, zoom out, and find places of historic importance on the map below.